Sunday, April 20, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Thief 4/20/14

Happy Easter!

Mission 3 - Dirty Deeds
(Got these out of order - doh!)

Final hidden room in the library.

Hidden treasure at tone of the windows in that room

The book! Had to use the weird puzzle key to open this compartment as well.

Now to get out!

Entry into the room with the book.

This whole zone is multilevel and all over.

Lighting was creepy! They have bats flying around too, but too fast to get a good pic

Important clue for making sure to get the moving stairwells aligned in the right order.

Place is a mess! Heh heh

Moving staircases. Oh yeah!

Mechanism to move the stairs.

Sadly my sinuses have not been happy. Got the book, made it partway out, then had to stop. Soon, Thief, soon!

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