Sunday, March 09, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Thief 3/9/14

3 out of 4 people at the house are currently playing Thief now. Heh heh (I take credit for this! As I was the one who introduced them all to the original years ago and we've loved first person sneakers ever since. Woot!)

There are so many things I am LOVING about this fourth incarnation. There are also a few things I am HATING about it. Luckily the love is winning by a large margin!

The Watch is everywhere.

Beams and vents and all sorts of places to get in trouble with. Fog permeates everywhere, which is weird.

New for Thief 4 - collectibles! There are different types. What's cool is that as you gain them and go back to the tower, they get displayed there. This one is Client Loot

Unique loot. There's several others. You're also collecting newspapers, documents, snake bracelets, plaques, and other weird stuff.

It is a very gritty city now.

Cool avenues off the ground you can use to get around the city. Though the whole place is something of a maze and the higher level stuff even more so. Can get a little frustrating.

My home is in the clock tower. 

Isn't it awesome? Though super dusty because I have been gone for a year!

Collectibles and paintings go over there in that corner.

Garrett - still with the two colored eyes. :)

The sky is amazing. 

Basso, he's good for giving me jobs and information. You can buy a bond to secure his loyalty and a price cut.

Even better look at Garrett's eyes. :)

The store (a guy outside of Basso's place). Some tools are not available till you complete certain chapters. Blunt arrows are your best friend! Water and rope arrows a total must. There's also lock pick upgrades. And several new tools that will be must haves as they become available - wrench (for all the awesome ducts), wire cutters (cause there's traps to kill you with!), and a knife fur cutting out painting from their frames.

Basso lets me know I can get some info from the Queen of the Chapel.

She's the one that tells me I've been out of it for a year. Knows nothing about what may have happened to Erin.

Pic of the lock picking screen. You use the mouse and the E key. Woot! 3 tumblers to 5 so far.

I probably should do a Likes/Dislikes Top 10 list or something. Hmmm.

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