Sunday, February 09, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored 2/9/14

Morning! Running off in a bit to the last day of SciFi Expo!
Pics on Wednesday. Heh heh

Master Assassin
Mission 2

They've hid some of the power stones in sneaky places. 

Dark and dreary

Railroaded prisoner

Why the mask? No idea. But boy does he want revenge against the lawyer. Heh heh

Some good ol' graffiti

This bust looks so smug. No?

Wind is howling and the clouds moving at a brisk pace.

Another altar to the Other. My compatriot is rather curious, wondering if she might hear him. I'm getting a rather strange suspicion about my companion.

He is pleased with how I took care of the previous dude, but is still saying I'm doomed.

Loved the detail on the cloth.

Closer view of the altar.

Found another power stone in Delilah's work room. Here's a statue of her.

And it talks! And moves! She's telling me to not get in her way. But killing the lawyer is okay. Hah!

Dome of her painting work. I like it! 

Ornate fireplace. Room for the lawyers mother. He kept her from getting treatments so he could keep her in his thrall. What a nice guy!

And he's in the room with the white arrow. Need to figure out how to swipe some papers. Not going to be easy! Wheee!

Till next time!

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