Sunday, January 05, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Neverwinter 1/5/14

Wow, the temperatures have done a major dive this morning. Brrrrr


This zone is full of wolves and werewolves - so that gorgeous moon is utterly appropriate! :)

Shadow wolves! Glowing red eyes and everything!

Totems the werewolves use.

Look at all the stars up there! Click the pic for a closer view. 

The forest!

Click on this one too. Lit totem at the bottom, but look at the one at the top of the cliff!

This elven wizard is floating that orb

Tried to capture the lightning strikes hitting that totem.

Thunder Ridge!

Mysterious ruins

Why yes, we are going in there.

Lots of collapsed areas here

This was one unhappy bad guy.

I couldn't tell till I got in a different angle, but that's a skull wearing a helmet. Heh

Super cool lighting in the underground areas

The Big Bad Wolf! 

I laughed when I took this. I'm oohing and aahing and hubby is like, yeah those are nice totems. I'm like, look higher, look higher! He'd not even noticed it. That stone wolf rocks! 

Cliff side ruins?

Weird road marker

Some bad people trying to mess with souls. Shame on them!

This underground section was in better shape than a lot of the others.

Weird round carpets.

She's looking over them

Another evil dude with a nasty disposition. :P

Back onto the surface!

Have an awesome day!

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