Sunday, August 04, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 8/4/13

Morning all!

Star Wars The Old Republic
Imperial Spy

This made me think of Batman and Ironman and how they hang their suits. Heh heh

The Imperial Station in Quesh orbit. I so love those 3D map holograms. :)

Quesh in all it's deadly glory

Pretty much everything here is toxic. But those same toxic components make for awesome adrenals. And for controlling Imperial Spies...

Just outside the Empire's main base

Quesh Flora

Those far off buildings do have a somewhat Hutt architecture feel. Hmm

Main Imperial military peeps on Quesh

Some of the unfriendly fauna

I set up several bombs then got to watch the Republic walkers go BOOM. Nice.

Local fauna bathing in acid pools.

Republic mining operations

More imperial sabotage by yours truly

Toxic is truly a mild word for this place. Heh heh. (And now I have the song running through my head.)

Have a great Sunday!

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