Sunday, August 11, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Neverwinter 8/11/13

Good morning!


They do have the most gorgeous caverns!

So nice!


A woman of my own race.


Nice little village area

Just completed our horse quest. These are rentals. Love the weird coloring on mine.

Check out the awesome pic of the elf sorceress on the wall.

Deep in a mine.

They'd been excavating all sorts of statuary pieces.

She's beautiful

Baddie of the mine

Cragmire Keep

Hosed this one, but you can still see the cool altar thing.

And this is when a miracle happened! I finally figured out how to get rid of the UI for pics!!!!

Yes, it was startling. What I found funny is how they made sure the games name would show up on this mode.

Playing with the mouse so I can take better pics without all of us in them all the time. YAY!

They have the coolest doors.

Isn't this gorgeous?

The scurvy pirate!

His throne room. Nice!

My new hunking sword.

New armor and dye job. The cleric there tried to kill my pic. How rude!

Wofl informant. He really, really hates the bandits.

Have an awesome day!

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