Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Future Classics Antho is LIVE!

The members of the DFW Group Future Classics has just released a reprint and original short story anthology! Booyah!

Future Classics releases group anthology Tales From a Lone Star

Tales From a Lone Star: A Future Classics Anthology, Volume One is now available on Amazon for Kindle, and will be available at Smashwords and in print next week.

Featuring fourteen stories from members such as Nebula nominee Jake Kerr ("The Old Equations") and 2012 Writers of the Future winner William Ledbetter ("The Rings of Mars"), Tales From a Lone Star ranges from near future SF to a post-apocalyptic world run by zombies (or as Melanie likes to put it, "Aliens! Shapeshifters! Androids! Janitors with raptor DNA! We've got it all!").

Here's a list of the contents:

“Requiem in the Key of Prose” by Jake Kerr

“Teddy Bears and Tea Parties” by S. Boyd Taylor

“The Fowler’s Daughter” by Michelle Muenzler

“Last House, Lost House” by William Ledbetter

“The Ballad of Smokin’ Dad Harlan” by C.A. Rose

“Domalon-a-Ding-Dong” by Paul Lamarre

“Windows” by Gloria Oliver

“Le Gardien” by Melanie Fletcher

“A Distant Sound of Hammers” by S. Boyd Taylor

“The Tower” by Gloria Oliver

“They Gather in the Green” by Michelle Muenzler

“Worthy” by C.A. Rose

“A Touch of Ginger” by Melanie Fletcher

“Medic!” by William Ledbetter

So if you want to check out a handful of up and coming authors, this might be your chance! :)

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