Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 8/7/13

It's Weeeeeennnndddddaaaaaayyyy!
(Though I thought it was Wednesday most of yesterday...DOH)

Mark Dumbleton even has a cool Africa Timelaspse.

Too cute! Just a Little Kiss by Laura Dyer at Lots of animal shots from all over at her site. Nice!

Love the color composition. Shredded by Erez Marom at 

A ton of amazing pics at Erez Marom's awesome site! This one is titled Gone Fishing. I'm a scucker for skies on fire. :)

Amazing Skateboarding Self-Portraits by Fabiano Rodriguez by Peta Pixel. Fabino's website. I really like this first image. A tons more in the article at Peta Pixel. 

Have an awesome day!

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