Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 8/28/13

One day closer to WORLDCON! Booyah!

New office area has a pretty cool outside area. Love the vines!

As the year progresses, it's getting closer to sky time again! Luckily I have a big open space (for now) where the office is. YES

Looking forward to the colors. Heh heh.

Surprise gift from the boss. It';s so cute. Love how the light reflected through it on the pic. 

New eatery at Stonebriar mall - Wasabi - conveyor belt sushi shop! 

A lot of the items are labeled too. So you know what it is.

Soba salad. They forgot to put any broth in it though. :( The plates are color coded to prices like in Japan. Can get pricy in a hurry though. Beware!) They also have 3 heated entrees for non-sushi peeps. Their inari and mochi were great~! The sushi itself, not so much. :( Neat experience if you've never done it though.

Does have the coolest stands.

Here's an overall view from upstairs. Neat little set up

New member of the family - kids named her Mystique. I told 'em she wasn't blue or scaly (Or super dark skinned as the original) but they stuck with it anyway. :P

Serenity barked to get her picture taken too. Not jealous or anything. Nuh uh. 

Hope to have pics from San Antonio and WorldCon for you next week. Eeeeee!
Will also get to share some news (and links) for an Anthology of reprints and new short stories by the peeps in my writing group - it's title is: TALES FROM A LONE STAR: A FUTURE CLASSICS ANTHOLOGY, VOLUME ONE
Should be fun!

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