Sunday, June 30, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Star Was The Old Republic 6/30/13

(I'm not really here....Oooooo! Still at SoonerCon!)

Star Wars The Old Republic
Jedi Consular

Look at the giant missiles! Eek!

Either one huge logo or an awesome bit of graffiti. :)

Can you spot the giant ship hovering above the city?

Some Sith full of their own power.

I've finally found my Master's Master - he's fighting with the First Son who's a personna trapped in his body.

I think it was a glitch but looked awesome. Drove home the duality he continues to fight with. Though at least, he's the one in control again.

Corellians really enjoy tall buildings. Love the funky shapes.

Fountains in a statue courtyard - and some hidden scanning equipment. :P

Cool insignia, no?

Another Dark Child

More Corellian decor

They like 3D holograms of heads around here.

Weird seeing a place like this with all the sandbags and places to take cover

Another Sith thinking he can keep Corellia. Not today buddy.

Leaving Corellia - have finished my Jedi Consular's main storyline. Hubby and I have hit 51 now.

Shot this from a movie once I answered a summons

My Jedi at meditation. It was funny as I finally got a dye pack (something new) and ended up with Green and brown, the green being prominent. Then I heard about the Green Jedi. Was hilarious when they showed up all in green! lol. 

Being told I am needed elsewhere. I still have my 5 companions and a ship full of politicians. Oi!

Great shot of my Jedi ship, no? Squee!

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