Monday, June 17, 2013

Mind Sieve 6/17/13

This should be a challenging post. Was sick last Monday and ended up totally forgetting to do the weekly Picture Kaleidoscope :( I ditched prepping this week's MS on Thursday to get something else done, assuming I could work on it Saturday. But Friday at the movies I did something... I have a spot on my back that is MAD! And super picky about what chair I use and what I can get away with. Trying to do it on Surface. Should be an adventure! :)


- Ooooo!
White House Down Trailer 3 - does look like it will be a wild ride!
Getaway Trailer - Looks like there'll be a ton of car chases! Nice!
Stranded Trailer - I've never understood the need to make most SF movies into horror films :( 

5 Creative Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Posts by Kimberly Reynolds at Social Media Examiner

Why Google + is Essential for Authors by Dana Lynn Smith


Hmmm I think this is as far as my back is going to allow for me to get on this. :(
Hope your week is starting out better than mine! :)

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