Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 5/15/13

Morning all!

I actually have a whole 2 pics I took to share today! *shock* :P

I glanced out my side mirror and thought - that would make a cool pic~! Unfortunately, being the driver in a high traffic area, I didn't get to do much but hurry and click. lol.

Larger than life Snail for Turbo! What a cute idea!

Burning Storm by Matthieu Parmentier at The sky really does look like it's on fire, doesn't it? Nice!

Some definite gorgeous stuff at his site too! Go Matthieu! These two are almost like a Ying and Yang, no?

Fox Glacier by Alexander Riek at So very impressive! More cool stuff to look at at his site too. :)

Library of Congress Digitizes Archive of Early 20th Century Panoramic Postcards from PetaPixel. Ooo great for research purposes for books. 

Harm Less: A Photo Series of Firearms Made Entirely Out of Plants from PetaPixel. Photography by Sonia Rentsch.  What a funky idea! 

Sonia Rentsch has more funky stuff at her site. Love this one! Made totally out of foods. Too cute!

Have an awesome Wednesday!

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