Monday, May 27, 2013

Mind Sieve 5/27/13

Happy Memorial Day!
Yeah, running late today. :)

The Tea Chronicles! They actually did it! Disturbing and hilarious. Hee!

Lone Ranger International Trailer. Looks like there's going to be some comedy bits.

Gallowwalkers - walking undead in a western! And Wesley Snipes! Sweet.

Resurrection - ABC Preview - looks like a funky one!

Intelligence CBS Trailer - a serious version of "Chuck"! lol. Welcome back Josh Holloway

Almost Human Fox Trailer - Karl Urban and Michael Ealy - Squee! I'm so there.

For Supernatural fans, here's an awesome article by Tor on the evolution of Dean Winchester.  Supernatural's Dean Winchester Dismantled His Own Machismo - and That's Why We Love Him by Emily Asher-Perrin

This Week In Social Media from Social Media Examiner. There's always so much new stuff. Argh!

11 Checks To Make Sure Your Facebook Page is Up To Date from Social Media Examiner. Ack! I need to do this!

Have an awesome day!

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