Sunday, April 14, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored 4/14/13

Yay, got some game time in!

Boyle's Costume Party
Premise is to find which of the Boyle sisters is the one backing the assassination of the Empress and make her disappear.

I so totally loved this image. Full moon, clock tower, creepy bridge, and party to the right. :P

One of the obstacles keeping me from the party. Those walker things are just weird looking. (Keyboard went apoplectic so some of the pics didn't take right. Buttons have now been rearranged~!)

This is such a cheery city.

Floating lit balloons, fireworks, and decadence right next to closed off slums.

Loved the hot air balloons. (Don't try to jump on one. Won't hold you up. Nasty accident.)

Front door of the Boyle manor. The whale over the door is but the first of many they've used in their decorating. (A little disturbing, parading the creatures you so mercilessly (and inhumanely) kill for profit.)

This pic does not do the garden justine. Real nice spot. Too bad I end up having to participate in a duel there. 

Ah yes, more whale statues. And they throw confetti into the air every thirty seconds or so. Weird!

The glass ceiling is gorgeous!

Yes, this is one of the dinner offerings. *shiver* The artists though went one step further, but it didn't come out in the pic. The open side there shimmers from the escaping heat of the cooked fish. Nice touch! (Not that it made this fish any more appetizing! lol)

May your Sunday prove totally productive!

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