Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 4/17/13 - Blooms (The Most Evil Place in the Universe!)

This past weekend we went to a place hubby had seen in passing down in the Old Carrollton Town Square. I knew better, but we went anyway. It is a place of EVIL! Utter and total EVIL! Blooms - nostalgic candy and old fashioned soda.


So of course I had to take pics of the villany to share. :P

Zombie Brain Juice - yes, you read that right - ZOMBIE BRAIN JUICE!
Honestly they had all manner of insane candy, drinks, and gag packaging. 

Heck, they even had a whole shelf of nothing but Dr Who stuff! And Lunch boxes of all types and years. HUbby was drooling at the Bruce Lee one. 

You could even buy yourself a back of Crickets to eat. Right there, crickets. For! Hah!

But for those with a more particular palate, you could also buy Dried Zombie Skin and Zombie Jerky. You know you want some. Don't lie!

And these I'd even seen on a special on the History channel or some such - Scorpion Lollipops! Right next to the super hot chili lollipops. And yes, all real. 

Other goodies were things like Caramel Bacon, Milk Chocolate and Bacon, and Dark Chocolate and Bacon. At the top of the pic you can just catch a glimpse of Gummy Bacon. I even spotted some Bacon Soda Pop.

And look at this one (why yes, we bought some stuff...what?) Black Lemonade. I had a swig of it's lemony slap. This will grow hair on your chest!

Oh, and look at these lovelies! French Toast Chocolate, Ramen Noodle Chocolate, Tortilla Lime and Salsa Chocolate. They even had Margarita candies and chocolate.

I really should have taken more pics! We were just so busy gawking! lol. If you like Root Beer, they had at least 12 kinds. 4 kinds of Sarsaparilla. And all manner of weird flavors. The back wall was filled with cubbies of homemade taffy in a ton of flavors. They even had Moxie, a drink I'd just read about in Stephen King's time travel novel.

If you're looking for any old time candy, these are the guys to go find it. They had an awesome assortment of cool gag face glasses in the shape of wine glasses, beer mugs, DOMO, and more. Truly a cool place. BUT ALSO SO VERY VERY EVIL!

Oh, and did I mention they sell their stuff online? Bwahahahahaha!

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