Sunday, February 17, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored 2/17/13

Two events two weeks straight! Struggling to keep up. Whee!

Did play a little though. :)


Decisions, decisions. I know there's a way to get past the electric archway, just got to find it!

Aha! I found it. Then I stumbled over this. Heh.

Interesting Ad.

This looked especially cool. 

The evil electrified archway. Avoided you. Nyah Nyah! (Way harder to just go through it than the first time. So avoiding it was bliss.) :)

The skull with the crown was totally an unexpected sight. 

The Cat Bathhouse. Looks mighty plush.

Really a spectacular building. Someone is making some nice money. 

That's it. But don't worry. Should be drowning you in virtual tourism again next week. :)

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