Sunday, January 20, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Angry Birds Star Wars and Dishonored 1/20/13

Overslept this morning. Very unusual. :)

Angry Birds Star Wars

Don't think I'd ever taken a pic of the puzzle group selection screen. 

Look at the insanity of this puzzle! I've yet to get one of those golden egg things. I can't even imagine how you even come close to getting near it. Got real lucky on this one and made it through. Was stuck on the one before it for a while.

Now we're above Hoth. Gravity wells!

This one is proving a toughie. Ugh!

Mission 2

You'll probably have to click for the larger version to see the circling birds above. :)

Much to my amazement, I"m having to return to several places I've been at before for Mission 1. Oi!

A weird haze seems to be covering things.

When I took this, I had no idea they were about to tell me it was my objective! lol. Not as easy to get to as one might think. (And yeah, it's a brothel. What a place to keep the empress's daughter at. Eek!)

Scientist and goodies merchant. 

Sewers - as they introduce me to "Weepers" as the new annoyance (humans too far gone with the plague) rather than rats.

View once I get dumped to the closest entry point to the zone with the Golden Cat.

More circling birds and signs.

New addition to the familiar zone. Sucker launches missiles and more. Nasty piece of business. And there's also assassins running lose as well.

Interesting message left on a wall.

Have a great one!

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