Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 1/2/13

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sunrise at Grapevine.

Totally loved this box! Gorgeous ensemble. Too bad I don't drink beer or ale.

Had to take a pic of this gift before destroyed it. Total EVIL gift. Filled with diabolical calories. 

Some very cool lamps.

Christmas 1.0

Sunset on our way home.

Christmas 2.0. The rain that morning had just turned to snow. Coming down with a vengeance.

You can almost see the flakes. :P

Accumulation had begun in earnest. Texas with a White Christmas! Unbelievable.

Twenty minutes or so after the snow started.

The iPhone camera now has a new panoramic feature. 

I'd stepped out to take these. Without a coat. Probably why I ended up with a head cold. 

Christmas 2.0

A snow wonderland. It was just amazing!

Hope your holidays were awesome!

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