Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 1/16/13

Some pretties for the pretties?

Ah, the evil flash strikes again. Boo!

Sunrise at work. (Hardly any stoplights on the way to the workplace now.)

Some awesome colors on this morning. Loved the flags being in the middle of it all. :)

House on the Hill by Marcin Sobas (A sea of green!) at

He's got even more awesome stuff at his website! Go Marcin

Moon Night by mengzhonghua at So awesomely surreal! He's got more great stuff at his flickr account.

This is underwater! Gorgeous! Anhumas Abyss by Marcio Cabral at (Dang!)

Marcio Cabral has even more amazing pics at his site - like this one - Palepalan

Good thing I put my pics first! lol. 

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