Sunday, December 16, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored and Star Wars The Old Republic 12/16/12

Morning all!

Been a while, but I finally got a little time to play Dishonored again. Yay! About to start the mission I'd finished before I restarted the whole mess a couple of months ago once I figured out how to take pics.

Tried to catch it when it was sparking, but it goes too fast! This is a Wall Of Light, electric barriers place to keep unwanted people from crossing zones. The glowing jars there are what is used to power them. Luckily, since I am on this side, I can take the power jar out to bring it down. :)

This is one of the skills you can choose. What it does is show you people and things through walls and their field of vision. The guy there is looking right  in my direction so you can't see it. The other guy is walking away. The skill is very useful but will also drain mana like crazy if you leave it on too long.

The very place I first took pictures of and the man I didn't think of putting in them before I'd let him loose. Heh. 

Doesn't look comfy at all, does it?

Star Wars The Old Republic
Jedi Consular

Is this one ugly bugger or what? He's been made into a cyborg.

Looks weirdly fortified, no?

Supposed ancient shrines for the Sith and Jedi. An unexpected discovery on Voss.

Does have the same look as other Jedi ancient places though. The mystery deepens

Sunset on Voss

More ancient ruins.

Couldn't get a good angle on the waterfall. 

A Voss shrine

Imperial Spy! (Yes, I made time for her this week! Whee!)
(Looks like not all pics I tried to take actually made it. Grrr)

Things obviously did not go well here for the patients. Eek!

My new pimp ride! Much to my shock it was one of the items I got in a blackmarket bundle purchase from the new Cartel system. Since I pay monthly, I get a free stipend each month. 

Place is on fire. Looks like trouble.

Really nice field in the Republic sector I am sneaking through.

Rogue Jedi lab. She's trying to not only improve the insane Rakghouls but use a communication system to bring them to heel and under her command. 

And this would be her kneeling there, just before annihilation. 

Had to get a closer shot of those weird energy thingies. Amazing how the Republic and Empire never seemed concerned about safety. Heh heh heh.

Have a great day!

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