Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 12/12/12

Realized I've not tortured you all with some of my pics in a while. Heh heh heh

This is EVIL! So very evil. They look so good!

Sun pics never do the real view justice. Wah.

This plant game me the creeps! Sucked in a giant gulp of water and slowly swallowed it like a boa constrictor. Eek!

Red crawfish for a merry season! 

Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine. It is HUGE! Their website has a whole 360 view section. (Can't do those for long as they make me dizzy!)

Ceiling of the inside atrium. Mind boggling.

Loved the look of this facade. If you look closely you can see fake icicles.

Looking down from the upper atrium area. Too cool.

Reason I was here. The boss and I went to see the ICE Madagascar exhibit for grins.

Giant set of miniature trains running all over the atrium! Wish we'd had time to look around more! (Snuck the show in for an early lunch)

Fireplaces off the lobby area.

Such an awesome look to the place.

Okay now for some real pics. :P

Enjoy Your Trip by Alessio Andreani at Love the colors!

Water of Life by Dana Allen at

Earth At Night from NASA

Have a fab Wednesday!

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