Sunday, November 04, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored and Star Wars The Old Republic 11/4/12

Get prepared for a flood of virtual pics! Bwahahahaha!

Restarted Dishonored as then I could get pics and also because my daughter kept saying how easy it was to get the ghost badge. (It's NOT!) But dang it if I wasn't going to take up that challenge. Heh heh heh. (For Mission 1 I've now gotten the Vanished and Ghost badges. Bwahahahaha (1st guy super easy, next 2 guys...agony...)

Movie sequence (so surprised it let me take this). The room is filled with water to let the boat rise to the upper level.

This is once the building is filled.

The royal palace.

The Empress and her daughter Emily. 

One of the many bizarre posters in this world. You can also see the flintlock that's one of the available weapons, the number of bullets I have, and the crouching icon for moving around silently

The prison I just escaped from.

The sewers.

Your first encounter with the piranha rats. Click in for the bigger view. Yes, definitely makes this game not suitable for for kids. (These 2 guards were alive when they got attacked and then devoured by the things. Eek!)

Graffiti is all over the place. 

Some beautiful foliage.

The pic doesn't show it but there a strange yellow smoke that curls out from these lamps. Also can see the handheld mini crossbow in my left hand.

Picked up by Sam once I escaped the sewers. Off to meet the people who arranged for my rescue. Nice there is someone out there who knows I didn't kill The Empress. Phew!

Star Wars The Old Republic
Republic Side

Click the bigger pic to get a look at the wild purple lizards. Hee!

Totally love the look of this entrance!

Cool Voss stuff!

Going through this tunnel in the shuttle was cool!

Is this the ugliest crab monster ever or what?

Cave is filled with them. Eek!

Young man with possible Oracle powers. The one reason the Empire is wanting this place on their side so badly - to get people who can see the future. 

Funky array.

Some players came through these ruins before us making our task much easier. :)

More Voss ruins.

Love love love the ruins with other buildings and the world coming up in the back!

All right that's it for this round. Heh heh heh. Have an awesome Sunday!

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