Sunday, November 18, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored and Angry Birds Star Wars 11/18/12

In a hurry this morning!  Zoom!


Old Granny. Once a beautiful woman who had power and influence. Now she's in the dilapidated part of the city and she's quite mad. She gives a couple of long side quests. 

An altar she has for The Outsider in her backyard. Spot of one of the whalebone runes that you use to get special powers. 

Dr. Galvani's house. He's been experimenting on the plague infested rats trying to discover trends and generations. This plague doesn't sound natural from the papers I read there.

View from his 3rd story balcony. Getting in was way easier than the 1st time I did this part. Bwahahaha! 

Argh! Totally thought I had some new swtor pics. I knew I should have held back some of the ones from last week! Doh! But I have something else to tease you with! Bwahahahahahaha! I downloaded the demo for:

Angry Birds Star Wars

They all do different things too! I've played with 4 so far. Luke is the usual red bird.

Obiwan uses the Force. It's tricky.

R2 shoots lightning bolts

3CPO blows up into pieces. Heh heh.

The storm trooper pigs even get weapons!

That's their laser canon fire at the top!

It's been really cute so far! Heh heh

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