Sunday, October 14, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 10/14/12

Woohoo! A new world this week! And actually got to play my Jedi too! Wheee!

Imperial Spy

Dead lizard like man. Bet dry skin is a major problem. :P

A giant ship wreck amidst the rest of the destruction

Mean looking beasty


Oh yeah! Think I found the way to it and tried to get there after making it past a bunch of high level Jedi but fell to my death both times. Waaaaahhhh.

Jedi Consular

The screen was glitchie so every time the guest character's lightsaber should be off, it stayed on. Heh

A far off shot of Voss.

Voss believes in some funky, almost glow in the dark colors.

Now this was weird. At the space station there were these three women who look exactly alike. Figured a set of triplets. Except we saw more of them on the ground! Could the Voss be dabbling in cloning?

Closer pic of planet Voss

They have some really nice architecture.

Funky sky too. Almost like it's on fire.

All the trees are colored like an eternal autumn.

They have funky furnishings too.

This is an actual Voss person. Weirdest face colors and eyes. Zoom in on this sucker.

Is this not gorgeous! Loved the see through rings on the planet!

Giant bridges in the ambassador zones

Special items vendor just mellowing on a tree stump. lol.

Isn't this cool?

Looking forward to more exploration time on Voss for sure!
Have an awesome Sunday!

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