Sunday, October 07, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 10/7/12


From The Republic Side

The Republic's way of making sure you know the side you're on. Hee!

I really do love the giant ice walls here. They'd be perfect for Game of Thrones. 

One unhappy (and dead) alien.

The Rakata have an instant transporter system! Very flashy! Only found three sites, but I am sure there were more. All in caves, and most of the openings set in unusual/hard to spot places.

Elevator shaft to one of the deepest places on Belsavis

Loved the funky look of the walls here. 

Was able to catch these in mid explosion. :)

The World Razor, an ancient and sentient weapon of mass destruction is kept down here. (Took a few more pics that for some reason did not take. Wah!)

Ship holding the father of one of my companions.

Really hope I don't botch more pics.  Waaaaahhhh!

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