Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 10/24/12 - The Dallas Comicon Fan Days Edition

This past weekend was Fan Days at Dallas Comic Con! There was a ton of awesome stuff and costumes!

Neighbors #1 - Rhonda Eudaly! Her debut at Fan Days. (Fellow Feral Chihuahua with Yard Dog Press)

Neighbors #2 - K & L Customs - they create custom action figures. They're currently holding a contest for 'likes' on facebook. The prize is a free Moon Dragon figure! So if you're on FB...hint hint. :P

Who watches the Watchmen?

Way cool autobot costume!

Jesus blessed Fan Days. :)

Fencon was there with Joe Dalek. Fez and all!

Neighbor #3 (Behind us) artist Terry Huddleston!

This is one of his fab drawings. I've always been a sucker for Robin. :P

Gimbly's Father. Beard and hat are made of yarn. Too cool looking!

Madeline from Burn Notice. 


A way too cute employee for the Umbrella Corporation. 

Several Assassin's Creed costumes running around.

This is a flash from a major past. Hadn't seen this comic book character in ages! 

This guy truly looked nasty! The saw blade on his chest was very cool. 


Raven from Teen Titans - her eyes were even yellow.

A friend brought me a gift. Said the t-shirt made him think of me. Isn't that sweet? (Now I need to deck her out some. Bwahahahahaha!)

From Watchmen. Too hot too handle!

Dr Doom!

From the soon to be released Lone Ranger movie. 

Prize for the contest by K & L Customs

Hot, deadly chick alert! :P

Really nice outfit.

I got to watch Rhonda totally freak TWICE! Bwahahahaha! (And I got my picture too! Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13)

Neighbors #4 and #5! Xenex The Bugman Comics and Marvin Dog Media!

Kid was sick during most of this, and at home so were hubby and son-in-law. I was just glad not to be home all day to catch it! Noooooo!


  1. I had a lot of fun at that convention! Thank you for the shout out! Hopefully I'll see you at the next con coming up.

    1. Always happy to spread the love. :) Will be as Sci-Fi Expo this weekend and hopefully the other two these guys do as well. So there's a good chance. Have a great one!


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