Sunday, August 26, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 8/26/12

Life has taken a major chaotic leap this week, but let's see what I have to torture you with. :P

The Republic
My Jedi Consular

If you click for the larger version you can see how nasty this horned beast looks. Eek!

Aha! Looks like we've finally discovered the source of heat for the tropical areas.

Some small, but nifty, waterfalls

Why yes, there were things inside these we now have to deal with. Heh

The tunnel just had a cool look.

A hopefully closer look at the horned beasts.

Nasty robot in our way to one of our goals.

The conversation with the fellow at this section was bizarre! lol. Really had to think to make out what he was saying. Heh heh

Doh! Forgot to take off the UI

The Empire
Imperial Spy
Nar Shadaa - Got sent back here again. Some bonus quests and main story line. I'm about to become a double agent. Hee!

Weird looking lamp.

The look and feel of this area gave me a sense of a jungle though there were no plants here. 

These light frisbees were popping up here and there. I've no idea what they are for. They said Point Of Interest but had nothing to click on or do. 

I adore the neon in this place. 

New pet! He's adorable! (And a little creepy) :)

Ah yes, a touch of home there in the back. 

The Holocron we'd picked up when playing Republic side now picked up by my Imp. YES! Cunning +3 (Though I did get cooked the first time. Have to pick the right code. Doh!) X 1956 Y 3271 Z -1591

New side mission for all levels. Alien race wanting volunteers to do a scavenger hunt for artifacts. 

Did I mention I really like the neon? Heh

Police car. Lights flashing and everything. lol.

Hope we get to play today to have some pics for next week pre-scheduled since next week is Animefest. Wish me luck! :)

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