Sunday, August 19, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Secret World and Star Wars The Old Republic 8/19/12

Let's do this thing!

Secret World

You have to enlarge it to see it, but something really weird seems to be going on in room 13. o.O

I have to say this games seems to do creepy rather well. No?

I think she gave me a pic of this thing once before. Impressive, isn't he?

I smell a trap...

Mr. Creepy is in front of that tree. Eek!

Dilapidated mansion at the end of the lane...yeah, that can't be good.

Creepy bird on a creepy bridge. Uh huh.

Love the chairs!! And is she Yoda's cousin? Heh heh

Yeah, a full moon, ruins, and a glowing mystic looking person - can't be good news. :P

Beware of Dog

Dead bodies. Never a good sign

Weird windmill.

Okay, downright creepy windmill. Heh heh

Star Wars The Old Republic

Republic Side - Jedi Consular


Still in Belsavis. Still freaks me out how parts are jungle and other are frozen wastelands. 

Getting into the areas with the older architecture that's thousands of years old.

That's one huge and impressive room, no?

Just look at those pillars!

One of the ancient alien race I've been looking for. 

He's been helping me from behind the scenes to find those I am looking for. There are different factions running around though.

Love the look of these room. The chambers kept those of the super old race in stasis, but their minds remained active. Evil way to incarcerate people. Brrrrr.

I have more but didn't want to flood the blog. Lol. Will be sure to post next time. :P

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