Sunday, June 03, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 6/3/12

Pre-prepped this for while I'm off at A-kon. Heh heh.

All Republic pics on Hoth.

White, so much white!

There are more wrecks on Hoth than you'd ever imagine.

Some funky battle droids

Fun quest where the Empire and Republic are forced to work together.

Pirate hideout with their own pirate jail. Eek!

Bad tempered pirates too!

Looking down this cliff gave me vertigo. :P

Ran across some crystal formation. There is a whole valley of them which will show on the next post.

This male has two humps. Even bigger than the others. Glad they're peaceful creatures. 

Ice cats. And no, they're not nice kitties.

Close up of one of the cats.

Wampa - dead. 

Wampa - lots!

Should be Zombie Sunday at A-kon today. heh heh.

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