Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 6/6/12 - The Akon 23 Edition

Prepare yourselves! A ton of costume pics to share from A-kon. The bar was truly high on costumes this year. Totally awesome! (And who knows how many I didn't get shots of too) (And my camera settings go some of these did not come out as they should have - waaaaahhhhh! Deleted the worst ones out. Sniff.)

Izzit (Sp?) from a game.

Ack, this came out fuzzy. She had a really cute dragon familiar at her hip.

Old Spice Commercial Man!

Deadpool! There were several through the convention.

Willie Wonka I pressume?

Look at that scythe!

Another game character

A group of horse heads. There was a giraffe in there somewhere too.

Umbrella Corporation

A gaggle of demons.

Nice kitty.

Lord Phantomhyve from Black Butler. A very popular character this weekend as well as Sebastian. 

Beautiful Princess.

Loved all the bling! :)

Bad kitty!

So dapper!

Dr Who baddies! Run for it!

Took this one for the drawn on tattoo on his chest.

So cute! She needs some sheep!

Loved her Maleficent costume!

Warrior Chic from the Guin Saga? Anyone? Anyone?

Tigra from Kung Fu Panda! Sweet!

Wished I could have gotten a better one of the demon, it looked really good!

Awesome Pokemon costume.

Captain Weaver from Falling Skies. He really looked a lot like Will Patton!

More demons! Loved the look of the semi insectoid one.

Steampunk weapons of massive destruction!

A Rattataki Sith from SWTOR? He looked really good.

Black Swan of Death?

Too adorable!

Tetsuo from Akira. Talk about a flash from the past. Look at that arm! Is that cool or what?

From Naruto. The face looks so creepy!

Warriors from a cute game. Duaghtyer and Son-In-Law played it a lot.

Was trying to get her lit up hair. Was partially successful.

He threw me kisses after I took the pic. lol.

From Soul Eater.

This was incredibly creative. 

Winged Furry!

She was such an adorable Nine Tails!

Is this hat not the cutest thing????

From Bleach. Super impressive. 

Golden robot man.

More Steampunk gadgets.

Look at the blue funnel gun thing with Deadpool. Looked wicked.

A winged Sailor Moon!

This staf was so cool looking!

The nut job reaper from Black Butler. 

Mothra!!!! Should have a pic showing him with open wings somewhere in here. Totally impressive!

Sana-chan and her Mom from Kodomo no Omocha - squirrel and all!

Star Trekking Across The Universe! (Had that song stuck in my head off and on all weekend! Whee!)

Lady Trigun. 

Giant Teddy!

That is one HUGE 20 sided die.

Tinker Bell!

Disney's Fantasia - The pose is so cute!

T-shirt says "Don't Fear The Creeper" Lol. Go Minecraft!

A close look at Steampunk Creeper. :P

Johnny Bravo!

Giant Size Sonic!

Necklace from Chibi Chains that made its debut at A-kon. 

Red Ribbon Lunacy!

He did a great job on the cape!

Naruto's Nine Tails. 

A gift from Shonuff Studios. So awesome!

Furries! Loved the jacket. 

Mothra showing off his wings at the Monster Attack Team booth. 

Just look at that detail! 

Spy vs Spy!

Pokemon's Rattata. So cute. 

This year everyone really stepped up on the costumes. There were so many I didn't get a chance to snatch up pics of. Awesome job ya'll! 


  1. Anonymous3:43 AM

    the guy you said was from falling skies, is actually a character from left for dead. thought i should let you know. i overheard him talking while me and the girlfriend were signing up for the video game cosplay contest, sadly no pictures of us are to be found anywhere.

    1. Figures I got it wrong :P Thanks for letting me know. What did you and your girlfriend dress up as? Make sure to come by my table next year and I'll make sure to take a pic. :)


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