Sunday, May 27, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 5/27/12

Computer problems have been corrected! Yay! Now I can post again!

My Imperial Spy on Alderaan:

One of the cool things on Alderaan, integration of nature and tech.

Finally made it inside House Cortess. Well, to a room or two anyway. Proud house wouldn't you say?

These were signs next to the skill trainers. I thought them rather cute though I still had to mouse over each one at the time. lol. Sith trainer.

Fighting Sith Trainer

Spy/Rogue Trainer

Trooper trainer.

The healing sequence HUD visual.

Okay, this Jedi died in the worst way. Head first into this bonfire. So weird.

Now to Hoth and the Republic

Neat cave system

A Wampa, couldn't get too close. Also some wild Taumtaums to the right.

Funky ice and snow formation.

This area was pretty large.

Had these cool looking snow vehicles.

Another weird death. Not only did he impale his own head with his stick weapon, he was glowing.

Heat Exchange cave system.

Looks like that's it. Had hope to spend some time in Minecraft but the computer going nuts cut that possibility off. Sniff. (When the software you're about to install says it might have a compatibility issue...Don't  install it! You'll be sorry! Waaaahhhh)

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