Sunday, May 13, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 5/13/12

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

And nothing says Mother's Day like Star Wars! (Hee!)

Imperial Spy space mission. I was surviving just fine but not the shuttle I needed to protect. Must have more missiles!

Alderaan spaceport on the Imperial Side.

The Thull Palace. In its glory before it gets pummeled. Something you don't see as a Republic member.

Gorgeous flooring!

No holocron up there like on the Republic side of things. Not that we ever figured out how to get up there.

Thull House Leader. 

Alderaan's version of a Dalek? :P

Love those mountains!

I was way excited by this! We get to see the Killiks up close on the Imperial side.

Killik eggs.

Working Killik

Nice to be able to take a pic of more than the dead bodies and up close!

The diplomat on the left has been assimilated by the hive mind. His eyes are all black, no white showing at all.

On the Republic side, we're finishing up our time on Quesh.

We were so sure there'd be a holocron down here somewhere, but no.

Our new destination is Hoth! Yes, the ice planet. 

More cool aliens to photograph!

The Republic base on Hoth

This taumtaum had a nice face to it. He was quite cute!

The icy bleakness that is Hoth.

None hostile creatures but weird looking as all get out. Creepy...!

I did manage one Minecraft pic, so throwing it out there for fun. Heh heh.

Hubby got his side tower done.

Have an awesome Sunday!

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