Sunday, May 20, 2012

Virtual Tourist 5/20/12 - Star Wars The Old Republic

Dallas Comic Con is this weekend, so I may not have as many items to share as usual. But we'll see. :P

Hoth on the Republic side.

It is very very cold on Hoth as this gentleman will attest.

Video glitch gave me some groovy pics. Look at that weird sky.

Base camp on Hoth.

Reached a new level on Legacy which unlocked three new emotes - /map /holocom and one more. Pretty nifty.

Video glitch gone! Now all is blindingly white again.

My Imperial Spy on Alderaan.

Toxic lake with Killick eggs in that small island

Looks like Alderaan had some large beasties like Tatooine at some point.

Aggressive and now dead fauna. 

A different House clan - Costova? that rules in Alderaan.

Their crest.

Cool ceiling at the Thull Palace.

Some armor. :P

Looks like that's it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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