Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 5/30/12

Happy Wednesday!

You've heard of Jack-In-The-Box? This is Cat-In-The-Box. :P He stayed in that thing for hours! Also made him think he was invisible to the dog. Hmmm.

Real funky cloud formation and HUGE!

Found an awesome spot to have breakfast on Memorial Day. It was gorgeous and the wind felt nice and cool.

Now for other pics around the web.

Photographer Richard Mosse's Best Shot. Interview and article. It's a cool shot made more so by who and where. And look at the gorgeous view behind them.

Ships Sailing Across Seas of Sheets from Peta Pixel. Fascinating idea! Photography by Luis Gonzales Palma.

May the rest of your week flow smoothly!


  1. As always - my favorite brain candy! What are we looking at in the Richard Mosse photograph - a destroyed pool? I couldn't quite tell. Love the boat on the bed!

    1. Yay! Brain Candy!!!!

      From what the article tied to the Richard Mosse photo - this is one of the many palaces of Hussein. And yes, I believe that is a pool. Looks like I messed up the linking too! Doesn't go back to the article as I intended. Bah! Worse, looks like I have a link color issue on top of it all. Oooo! To go correct color scheme ASAP!


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