Sunday, April 22, 2012

Virtual Tourist 4/22/12 - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft

Let's see what trouble I've been in the gaming world this past week, shall we? :P (New planet so the bombardment will be heavy! Hee!)

Last few pics of our Republic toons on Balmorra.

Imperial base we ran across. Intimidating isn't it?

Lots of bug flumes spewing green gas.

Close up of a bug flume. Seems more than just bug town have been infected now.

Finally tried to get some pics while in space. Not EASY! I am fighting for my life here. No time to do proper tourism. All space missions are timed. Fun too.

Hubby's smuggler got sent back to Tatooine for a personal mission. I joined him when he ran into some issues.

Loved how the sun was glinting off the sand crawler.

Dune sea. We also went back to the spot with the datacron we'd found before but could not reach. Still didn't find a way (but wait till you get farther down! Bwahahahaha)

Tried to take more space combat pics. 

Love the sun on this one.

We then traveled on to Quesh. Found the officers companion interesting.

Isn't that gorgeous?!

Quesh is a poisoned and polluted planet. Very dark atmosphere literally and figuratively.

Some local Quesh plants.

Yet even here there are things of beauty.

Freshly killed frog thing.

Nasty hunter thing.

Now for my Imperial Spy - she's on Tatooine.

Cool panel array.

Destruction R Us.

Imperial base inside a cliff side.

Ah, home sweet home! Or as my companion said - A piece of Nar Shaddaa.

This poor soul had been taken over by a nano machine infestation guided by a malicious intelligence. He glowed and had weird red vapor. If you click for the larger image, you should be able to see it. 

Ah, Sith guards. So very intimidating.

A field of debris from a crashed spaceship. 

A pissed off sand people mount. Shot him on accident. :( 

Thought this was a cool approach to the hideaway. 

Bwaha bwaha bwahahahaha! Was finally able to find the way over to this datacron! (It shone red when I saw it with my Jedi but white for my spy.) Had to sneak through a high level zone of Sand People and worse past a super nasty one at the final edge, but climbed some rocks to get by.

Finally! After staring off and on at this thing I find my way to you! Aim +3 X-620 Y -25 Z 479. Bwahahahahaha!

Tried to catch the cool graphics that appear when you hit the buttons for a pickup. Hee!

Only a couple of shots for Minecraft this week. Didn't get to play as long as usual.

Tunnel through the jungle. Easier than doing a road up top.

Road construction into a second tunnel. Vegetation is really thick in the jungle biodome. Dang!

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