Sunday, March 18, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 3/18/12

Let's see how much virtual trouble I got into this week. :P

Still on Balmorra on the Republic side at Bug Town.

The bugs main spawning spot. It was eerie, especially with the ooze coming down all the time.

That's the queen guarding her kiddies. 

Back here, there's a datacron behind the dude below. We figured there must be a back way to get to it, but got distracted and forgot to look once we got outside before going off world. :(

This dude looked super duper nasty, so we left him alone.

My Imp spy on Nad Shaddaa. I found these posters rather interesting. 

One of the less reputable areas. Still a ton of neon.

Camp site for a set of baddies inside. Loved the carpet!

Some weird scientific thingie. The floating doohikies looked like giant hemoglobin.

The Flame in all his alien glory.

Couldn't remember ever taking a pic of these plants when I was here before, so here you go. :P

I liked the overall feel of the set up here. They really came up with some truly interesting flooring.

Some NPCs looking way too serious.

Floating cantina.

Some more cool carpteting.

This central hub on the cantina floor just looked dangerous. Lightning bolts shooting all over the place. lol

Imperial advertising. I guess you can't get away from car sales no matter what side you're on. Hee!

Now for Minecraft

View while I was road building.

My wooden bridge across a lake. You can see one of the safe houses in the background. (I build those so peeps can have someplace safe to stop at when it's night time. Not safe out there at night! Eek!

Creeper bidding his time while I am snug inside the safe house.

With the new Misa texture pack the village golems look way cool!

Some nasty spiders waiting to assault me as I try to get somewhere safe in time.

Finally got the moon shot over the kid's castle. heh heh.

One of the skelly models for the texture pack. I really like the skeletal Robin Hood one. Hee! Oh and you can see my gravel road.

Sun rising from the top of the safe house. You can see the wooden bridge going off into the distance. 

Kids came up with their version of Japanese Torii gates for their place.

Daughter did creation mode and built herself a Stargate. Got the effect inside from water. Nice!

Yes, torches are a must have to live in Minecraft.

Hubby's cathedral. He's slowly replacing the stone with brick. The floor is made of obsidian which is super cool in this texture pack.

Waiting for daylight to go out and do more roads. Wheee!

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