Sunday, February 05, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 2/5/12

Hubby's out of town for work, so this weeks pics will be Empire centric. :P

Is that a sight to see or what? Off the home world and off to see new places. Bwahaha. Or almost.

A couple of last shots from Dromund Kaas

This was a whole new section for the main city. Brand new territory for me.

Larana in her full Imperial Spy glory. She has so much bling! Hee!

Found and GOT this holocron on the path to the Dark Temple. X-1214 Y 214 Z-57 Could not believe I actually managed not only to figure out how to get there, but GOT there! Woot! +2 Cunning yeah!

Approach to the Dark Temple. Seems one of the Sith rulers killed and buried multiple other Sith Lords who would take his place and buried them here. Yet now that some terrorists have infiltrated the tomb, they've woken these buried dark lords. And things went ugly. Oopsie!

Imposing place don't you think?

A closer shot of one of the electric syphoning antenna. So we all don't go crispy critter on planet. :P

This place was really impressive. So many cool architectures.

Can you see the woman's face? Freaked me out. So cool!

The lovely coffins the Dark Lord used to put his enemies away forever.

Impressive wasn't it? Tourist heaven. :)

My SHIP! I finally for my ship! And she's a beauty! A protoype even. So sleek such gorgeous lines! (Uh no, I don't like her at all. :P) The inside is quite nice too. 

My honey's prototype engine. SWEET!

Dromun Kaas from MY ship!

And a BIG surprise on where I was sent for my first interstellar flight - the training world of the Sith - Korriban. Was not expecting to ever go there with my spy alt. Sweet!

Loved this shot just because everything was so BIG! Big statue, big ship, big overhead planet! lol. (Oh I ran around some. Discovery xp for the win!) 

Within the Main Sith Training Building.

Had had had to get a picture of this NPC's super cool uniform. Look at that head gear! Hee!

Imperial Starships clouding the distance. Makes you feel comfy and safe, doesn't it? Hee!

And while I ran around like a crazy woman, I FOUND A HOLOCRON!  And miracle of miracles, I GOT IT!  Bwahahahaha! (Uhm, I was on a roll that day. Don't know what was up. Will never happen again. :P) X545 Y 58 Z -172

 Korriban or Balmora space station I believe. I do love those giant holograms!

Okay, letting you off the hook. For now! Bwahahahahahahaha!

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