Sunday, January 08, 2012

Virtual Pictures - Star Wars The Old Republic 1/8/12

Yes, I've been out playing tourist again. I even found a way to get the frames out of it. Heh heh.

Native fauna at the starport for Nar Shaada. I'd hate the feeding costs on this beastie.

Considered a high tech but corrupted world. Dangerous. But very colorful.

We'd seen these Dr Who Tardis look alike boxes in previous worlds, but only here did we realize what they were - bathrooms!  They even had a line with an impatient person or two.  Whoever got to build this place had a ton of fun as you will see in the next few shots. NPC's for the win!

Someone who partied too hard is throwing up in the square fountain.

This is one BIG statue for an already BIG Hutt!

Girls bathing in the fountain being fawned over by the guys. lol. 

I loved, loved, loved the virtual trees.

City scape during taxi travel.

One big mean robot!

Love some of the awesome detail. Lovely carpets!

Neon bling everywhere!

Cool statue at the starport of Tatooine.

Tatooine is just gorgeous! 

We got our personal vehicles here. Couldn't ask for a better venue to drive the things!

Me, my companion, and hubby. :P

Those awesome Tatooine horizons!

Holocron spotting! No idea how to get at it. Wahhh! X  -641, Y -15 Z 437

This was a datacron. There's another on the roof. Found out you have to get on a balloon way on the other end of the dessert. Takes about 40 minutes to get here. I still missed the second jump. Disappointed when I found it wasn't a holocron but some kind of jewel collection? Oh well! X -2387 Y -1380 Z386

This is on the Imperial side. A couple of more pics of Hutta before I left the newbie world with my spy.

Climbed way up a mountain side and the vegetation was so lush, I had to take a pic. Heh.

Inside the Imperial Fleet.

Imperial Starport at Dromund Kaas.

An utterly lush and dark place. Caught the lightning in the back.

Weird glowing plant pods. They also excrete a glowing pollen.

Looking down from one of the cliff sides. Gorgeous!

Yes, couldn't resist. I'm sure there'll be more pics. lol. 

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