Monday, January 16, 2012

Mind Sieve 1/16/12

This will probably be a very poor showing for a Mind Sieve post. Was out sick all last week and aside from sleeping and sitting on the recliner like a mummified vegetable, I didn't do much. Let's see what I can dig up anyway.

Since Supernatural has actually been getting decent again, figured I'd plug this week's episode. :P

Really neat recap of all things Gak! (Need to make time to look these all up! Oooo!)

Designing From Bones - The Stone Giant and Escalating Tension (The Cardiff Man!) by Gene Lempp. Greed, Fraud, PT Barnum! (Sucker - I fit that description. Doh!)

This one looks insanely fun - Moonlight Kingdom.

How To Self-Publish So It Benefits The Readers? by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Great stuff!

Don't Eat The Butt - Lies That Can Poison Our Writing Careers #1 by Kristen Lamb. Amen Sistah!

Here There Be Blog Trolls - How To Spot Them And What To Do by Kristen Lamb. Oh very helpful! Blogger/writer's worst nightmare. Eek!

25 Things Writers Should Know About Finding Their Voice from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Good (and mind bending) stuff as always. :)

From Kristen Lamb - What "Star Wars: A New Hope" Can Teach Us About In Media Res. Very nice!

Yes, mighty thin pickings but what AWESOME pickings they are! Heh heh.
Have an awesome week, ya'll!
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