Saturday, December 31, 2011

Virtual Pictures - Star Wars The Old Republic

As happens in a lot of games I've played, if I find out I can take pictures, I become a virtual tourist. Here are some I've taken so far in the new MMO Star Wars The Old Republic. Heh heh heh. (No, I haven't figured out if they have a key to remove the goo while I take a picture. Need to find out...)

Gorgeous sky at the newbie planet

View out the hangar of Coruscant's sky. It has all the traffic like in the movies. Real nice job!

Inside the Senate Building on Coruscant.

Me in the social dress you can buy once you accumulate some social points for grouping. My sidekick is behind me. Hubby is on the left. (Yes, he likes to play girls. Ignore him. :P)

Me again as a Padawan in the Jedi Hall on newbie planet.

Loved this floating, ginormous holocron statue at the Jedi Hall.

Some cool architecture in the Jedi newbie planet.

The Jedi Forge. The hanging lamp was cool.

Coruscant from the hangar again.

You can see the lines of traffic on this one. So cool.

Outside of the senate.

Ah, my Imperial Spy on Hutta. Just had to have all the bling. lol. (Was quite surprised I went for this race with no hair.)

Inside the local Hutt's palace.

Outside of the local Hutt's palace.

Had a hard time getting a good picture of her. Bah!

Inside the senate building in Coruscant.


Bought the social dress again once the game was live and I recreated myself. :P Really liked the look from the beta.

View out my Jedi ship's bridge! Woot! (You get a ship at level 15)

Third planet we got to go to - Taris. They're in a bad way here.

The Republic Fleet.

More Taris.

Giant power plant that almost went kaboom!

Ancient Jedi statue.

It didn't occur to me on the 4 we found before, but here's a pic of the 5th Holocron we found. Finding one is not the same as actually getting to it and clicking! Argh! Located around X1046 Y452 Z210

We did find the way up to get to this 5th one. But like the 2nd one in Coruscant, we couldn't make one of the leaps. WAH! Beginning spot is at X1184 Y263 Z-120 And it is a loooong way around.

New planet we reached last night at the space port. Loved the virtual tree!

May occasionally torture you all with more of these virtual tourist pics. :P

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