Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 11/9/11

I left my phone at work over the weekend so you won't be tortured by any of my photos this week! Yay? :P But I will share all these other great ones I ran across during the week. :)

For this one, I suggest sunglasses before viewing, so bright! Golden Morning by thrumeye.

Cool Jurrasic Park pumpkin by Chumplet.

Orange by Ivan Andreevich. (I am detecting a theme running through pics this week. lol)

Jerry J Davis did a Timed Exposure which turned out to look like a Haunted Barn. (Too cool!)

Mar's Newton Crater from NASA's Picture of the Day.

From Martin Hsu - Totoro Creampuffs.  They look so GOOD!  Mmmmm


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