Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 7/20/11

Time for pics! And this week there's a ton!

Feathered skies like 70's hair. :P Okay more like light brushstrokes.

It always amazes me - the extremes of sky we get down here. Sheep in grazing in a prairie.

Kids are helping trying to spiffy up the house a little. The trees and birds came out great! Though the kids said the trees were a major pain to put up. Heh heh. (And yeah, those books there? Part of my TBR pile. Heh heh)

Hello sun! Live how gold the sky is in this one.

All these funky skies in a week. Texas skies rock.

Now for other peeps pics to share!

And talking of skies that rock, look at this pick by Trey Ratcliff. OMG! This was for the launch of Atlantis. Is that not just amazing?  Go Trey!

This adorable kitten pic is from Jerry Davis. So cute!!!!

Go take a peek at this super cool photo of a fly's wing by Chuck Wendig!  Well worth it!

Photo of the Day called Football by Kuntal Blaise D Costa.  Dang! Love that orange color.

Nasa had an awesome image of the shuttle.  The coolest part is the reflection!

MH Bohnam found and shared this beauty - Underwater Suite. Totally real.

Your eyes should be well and fed by now. Enjoy!  Heh

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