Monday, July 04, 2011

Mind Sieve 7/4/11

More links than you can shake a stick at! Heh

Also, Happy 4th of July!  Yay for Independence!!!

FanOfMovies shared a link from TotalFilms for an article with the first images of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins for the film The Hobbit!

FanOfMovies also shared the third preview trailer for Cowboys vs Aliens. (Dying to see this movie!!)

From AJ Walker is this cool post on old ways to keep the spirits out of your home on Medieval Mondays.

Shared by Torbooks - Game of Thrones Muppets. Too cute! And so EVIL!

Jami Gold shared this fun quiz by Angela Scott to determine if You're A "Real" Writer. Very cute.

Kristen Lamb talks about Blogging in Themes. Weirdly enough my author tagline can also be my theme! Unveiling the Fantastic!  YES!

Jody Hedlund tries to break down How Much Time Writers Should Devote to Social Media. Sadly my ratios are totally out of whack. :(

EduClaytion shared a post on 3 Keys to Managing Your Life.Hah! Like that's ever gonna happen. Hee!

Jami Gold shared a post by GalleyCat on 5 Twitter Profile Mistakes Writers Should Avoid. Hah! I only missed #4. :P

Tony Eldrige shared a resource - Open Clip Art Library! Now I just need to make time to go troll what they have. lol.

Jason Boog gives us some goss on Google + and Authors. Could be very interesting!

Nathan Bransford shares 5 Openings to Avoid for your novel. (Hah! He didn't have "It was a dark and stormy night. :P)

Kathy Sullivan discusses POV at the Obscure YA Author's blog.

Kristen Lamb talks about Failure - the Forge of Excellence

Jami Gold shared a link to a post by Sue Ellen about 10 Things I've Learned About Writing by Walking My Dog.  Nice list. Lots of wisdom in there. :) (And cute doggie pics!)

Another blog post shared by Jami Gold from Jill Kemerer - Minor Adjustments for Major Impacts. Great post as these are great points!

Chuck Wendig shares 25 Things You Should Know About Revising and Rewriting. (NSFW!) Much wisdom amidst colorful language as usual. :P

Janice Hardy talks to us about Crafting Subplots. Definitely things to keep in mind. I always have a second document to track peeps, chapters, items. Must maintain control! Bwahahahaha

Kristen Lamb talks about Developing Your Unique Writing Voice (and Boundaries!). Some good stuff in here.

Strangling Mermaids - where Chuck Wendig explodes some more writing myths. (NSFW)

Okay, that should do it for another filter week. Have a great one!  And Happy 4th!

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