Monday, May 16, 2011

Mind Sieve 5/16/11

Fan Fun

FanOftheMovies Shared the latest Green Lantern Movie Trailer.  Should be fun!

SoonerCon shared preview clips & images of upcoming "Batman: The Brave & The Bold" Green Lantern episode "Scorn of the Star Sapphire!"

Suduvu had the link for the first full Conan The Barbarian trailer. Looks great!

FansoftheMovies also had a movie clip for Pirates of the Caribbean for the Palace Escape. Another movie I am eagerly awaiting.


Author Platform/Social Media

Fondalo led us to as post by Josh Davis on How to Use Twitter Following and Follower Numbers as an Effective Metric. Great for mind fodder!

TrashyWriter shared  a post by Tony Eldrige answering the question Can Twitter Really Help You Sell Books?

Judy Dunn tells us The 7 Biggest Lies About Blogging.

Tony Eldrige persues the question of When Should You Stop Marketing Your Book. Some good truths in here.

Penny from AME gives us 8 Tips to Make Your Next Writers Conference Awesome!


Writing Advice/Tips

Larry from gives us 3 Edgy Little Tips to Make Your Story More Compelling.

AJ Walker discusses How Much Real World Culture Should be in Fantasy Fiction?.

Alan Baxter discusses Some Thought Provoking Words on World Building In Fiction. I made a large comment on this one as I added my own thoughts.  Even decided to do a guest blog on the subject (though I couldn't find this link to refer back to on it~! Argh! Blogger is not working at the time I am prepping this so can't even go fix it before it goes live. Waaahhhh!)

Chuck Wendig discusses Where Writers Get Their Ideas. He even gives us bizarre examples we can use when we get asked this question. :P (NSFW)

The 3 Rules of Dialogue by Jean Henry Mead.

How To Read a Book Contract by PassiveVoiceBlog. Got to be careful with these things. Eek!

Tackling Revisions by Susan Dennard. Chop it up and take it one chunk at a time. Avoid PANIC! :P

Nathan Bransford shares The Case For Putting a Manuscript in the Drawer. When to let go and move on as well as why.

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