Friday, April 29, 2011

Movie Review - Fast Five

Fast Five

Staring: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Matt Schulze, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Elsa Pataky, and more...

Directed by: Justin Lin Writing Credits: Chris Morgan Based on Characters by: Gary Scott Thompson Original Music by: Brian Tyler

Premise: After a grand escape by Dominic Toretto, engineered by Brian O'Conner and Dominic's sister Mia, the team meets again in Rio, where an old friend hooks them up with an 'easy' job when they're strapped for cash. Things go south due to info that wasn't shared, and now Dominic, Brian, and Mia are on the most wanted list of not only the US Government, who's sending a special team to find them, but Rio's biggest crime boss.

Review: Five Fast is the fifth installment of The Fast and The Furious franchise that started back in 2001. If you haven't seen the others you won't be lost, all the major info needed supplied in bits and pieces for the most part. However, if you have seen them, this turns into a major reunion party and more. (In the credits they show the way the characters looked then to now - sort of wished they'd done it at the start as it would have helped place one or two of them! :P)

You can't look at the physics of things too closely, or you'll spoil the fun. A little suspension of disbelief will go a long way and boost your enjoyment. That being said, they pull off all sorts of amazing stunts. They took all the stops out and wrecked more cars, in more closeups than ever before. If you're seeing it in IMAX, it makes it that much more. Some of the flipping cars and flying pieces of concrete and metal feel like they're coming right at you with no 3D.

Loads of chases, gun play, wrecks, and mass destruction with a towed safe. I also enjoyed the added flavor of people speaking in Portuguese down in Rio and the Spanish and English wordplay between two of the guys. (Decent subtitles are supplied for all.)

The acting is good, which means they sell it well. Some expected turns actually don't happen, and some unexpected left turns do, which was great. Loads of action action action. Tons of lovely cars and in one section loads of babes for the guys to drool over - as if they needed more than the two, make that three hot female costars.

It was a blast watching Vin Diesel and the Rock go at it. A train wreck waiting to happen. And it does. And then some.

Great location shots, too -- Rio, Puerto Rico, Arizona. I love it when they actually try to use location shots for foreign places (though they did mix some Puerto Rico into Rio - it has a spacial look :P) so you can get a feel for the difference in housing and even customs if you look hard enough.

So if you're on the hunt for an action film with decent plot, colorful characters, amazing stunts and good acting - this one's for you!

Also, make sure to sit through part of the credits, especially if you've seen the other films. There's a little extra something there just for you! :)

Rating: 4 out of 5 (Hubby's Rating: Worth full price of admission (IMAX))

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 4/27/11

Howdy! Thanks for dropping by for more photo sharing goodness! :)

Private area at 300 where we had our work bowl-a-rama! I fell on my knees first time out then tried to break dance on the first ball of the second game. Doh! Needless to say all my coworkers and I were moving a little slower the following day. Heh.

Swinefever shared a video of the most amazing costume, ever! The Raptor suit! Totally ROCKS!

This is the coming clouds last week when much needed rain tried to tease the Dallas/Ft Worth area. We've been super dry and West Texas has had the worst of it with a ton of grass fires.

Torbooks, via BadAstronomer, shared this a link to an article with pictures of the DeathStar Moon. The second picture totally resembles the Star Wars iconic ship. :)

On this one I totally liked the contrast between the fast moving clouds and the straight airplane trails in the background. Some nice colors too!

Last but not least, I wanted to share one of Chuck Wendig's microcosm pics. DROP! The colors, the world trapped inside the drop. Really cool!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mind Sieve 4/25/11

Another busy week and tons of links to share!

Fan Fun

Candace Havens shared a new trailer for the Movie Priest. Looks totally AWESOME! Can't wait!

NCIS_CBS shared some casting news. Kerr Smith is joining the hunt for the Port-to-Port Killer. (Kerr Smith rocks! This should be FUN!)

Twaitter shared a link to an article about First Light Wave Quantum Teleportation being achieved. This will open up the way for ultra fast data transmissions. Mind boggling and totally rad!

FansofMovies shared a link to Rise of the Planet of the Apes! A story about how it all began. Looks good!

Also from FansofMovies come a link to the second trailer for Cowboys vs Aliens. I am so very much looking forward to this one! Woohoo!

ATATforAmerica got talked about in an article by Alexandra Petri titled - AT-AT for America: President Obama and all patriots, it's Time. The movement is crazy and yet fun at the same time. :P


Some sad news linked by SoonerCon. Tokyopop, one of the major manga translation groups is closing its doors in May 2011. As a super manga junkie, this is going to hurt.

Social Media/Author Platforms

Kristen Lamb talks about busting the Myth! Yes, Writers Can Make Time For Social Media.
"I have to spend hours on Twitter and Facebook to be effective.
Um…that would be a negative. Total myth. In fact, if we do? An angry clown will jump out of our computer and bite off our face. Kidding! Though that would be cool. No, the angry clown is a total lie. But, it is likely people will unfollow us because we never shut up."

For Twitter Tuesday, Kristen Lamb talks to us about How Hashtags Need to Be Used Responsibly.
"If our goal is to build an author platform in the thousands to tens of thousands, then we will have to approach Twitter differently than a faceless corporation or even the regular person who does not possess a goal of becoming a brand. This blog will help you rule the Twitterverse without devolving into a spam bot."

The Book Marketing Floozy listed a ton of links at her site. Now I just have to find the time to go click on them all~! DOH! (Go right on ahead and don't wait on me, or you'll be waiting a while. :P)

Professor Clay Morgan shows us How To Create Opportunities. (Really neat story!)

Does Likability Matter? Kristen Lamb explores this as she recounts her recent experience in LA at Romantic Times.

Writing Advice

KristenLamb asks: Want to write a novel that will grab an agent's attention? Grab a reader's love? Let's Talk Structure.
Want a way to stand out from all the other writers clamoring to get an agent’s attention? Want to be a best-selling author with stories that endure the tests of time? Learn all you can about the craft, particularly novel structure. Structure is one of those boring topics like finance or taxes. It isn’t nearly as glamorous as creating characters or reading about ways to unleash our creative energy.

Tawna Fenske waxes on Hope, Bad Advice, and Positions that Cramp Your Thighs. Good stuff to keep in mind. Remember why you're doing this stuff!

Pimp My Novel gives a lot of common sense advice and truths as well! Schedule, Schedule, Schedule.
"If you've been reading this blog for awhile, mes auteurs, then you're familiar with my opinion that, even beyond talent and luck, a writer needs discipline in order to succeed. John Gardner once wrote: "Most of the people I've known who wanted to become writers, knowing what it meant, did become writers" (bold emphasis mine). So: what does it mean to be a writer?"

Chuck Wendig gives us Six Signs You're Not Ready To Be A Professional Writer.

Amy Shojai does a comparison between veterinary medicine and publishing. Pretty cool comparison really.

Aha! That should keep you busy for a bit. I will destroy brain matter yet! Bwahahahaha!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Movie Review - Source Code

Source Code

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright, Michael Arden, Scott Bakula (voice only) and more... Directed by: Duncan Jones Written by: Ben Ripley Original Music by: Chris Bacon

Premise: Captain Colter Stevens has eight minutes to find the bomb and bomber which will destroy a Chicago Commuter Train. If he doesn't succeed, he can try again and again, whether he wants to or not.

Review: This movie was fab! There's the main story and then there's a secondary story that slowly develops as time passes, which in turn becomes more important that the original.

Totally awesome acting by all concerned especially Jake Gyllenhaal. His reactions to a number of things happening were excellent. Good CGI and other special effects. The soundtrack rocked as well.

Several questions of consciousness, reality, alternate reality, humanity and more are touched upon. Repetition was used just enough to get the scenes established and then speeded through so it didn't get in the way. There's even hints of things I cannot mention as it might ruin it for you. :P

Good pacing, good effects, good writing, good acting, good background music. Can't ask for much more. I'm easy, but just in case, take a hanky. You might need it. :) A totally satisfying experience. Great conversation piece after the fact as well.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Hubby's Rating - worth paying full price of admission again!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 4/20/11

This weekend was rather exciting, which also means I got a bunch of pics! Figured I'd share the best or most bothersome of the lot with you.

First off is one proving that the Addam's Family is still alive and kicking! Though they're now using cheerier colors? Heh heh

The place is actually in the roundabout in Weatherford. Yes, we were out on a driving bit on Saturday. (Actually a driving nightmare! Between getting lost going and coming back, closed roads, fires, and more! Woo!)

This was on the way Possum Kingdom Lake after Weatherford. If you look at the skyline you can see a dark swath across the sky. No, those aren't mountains, that's smoke from the fires in West Texas and (much to our surprise later) up by the lake itself.

The area had been ravaged by fires just the night before. You can see the burned bald spot on the top of the hill in this picture, with green to either side. And as we found out as we were leaving after a beautiful day up there, the fires weren't out, they were just bidding their time for a wind direction change.

This one you have to look at carefully in several places. Side of the road to the right is black, burned grass. In a lot of places the grass fire burned so fast it only took out the grass and not the bush trees. Others the green bushes were lightly smoking like burning coals in a fireplace, slow but sure. You could see places and how the grass fires had jumped across the road with the help of the wind.

Straight ahead you can see a cloud of smoke. We ended up driving through it and there were actual flames just beside the road. Made our pulse jump that's for sure!

On the left were the remains of a church that burned down the day before. Two more buildings next to it were spared. Though I heard more news about Sunday and it's possible those are now gone as well.

To lighten up the mood, here is a cliff side on the ritzier end of Possum Kingdom Lake. Some really cool houses in that direction.

That's Lola, my bro's little sweetie as we go around the bend to Hell's Gate. The wind had changed that morning and blown all the smoke from the night before away and it was a gorgeous day at the lake. Just as we were leaving, around four is when the wind changed and the smoke came back and things got bad.

Last I heard, there's a possibility the cabin is now gone. The fires got big enough again they were threatening the places on the non-cliff side of the lake. Hopefully the fire brake they got last year when there were other fires did the trick, but with the wind to push the fire across roads and over walls, who knows! Feel really weird to have finally seen the place and it may now be gone.

Ack! Happiness! Happiness! Prayers and good thoughts to all the people in West Texas. Stay safe ya'll!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mind Sieve 4/18/11

Grab onto your hats as this is going to be a whirlwind this week. Also thinking of trying something a little different to give you more of a taste for the posts. Let's see how that works out...

Fan Fun

SoonerCon via Youtube shared a link to a Japanese Anime preview for the X-Men! Looks somewhat rad!

Mo Tanchareon shared a link from for a preview of the digital series Mortal Combat: Legacy. The fighting didn't look bad, but not enough there for me to form an opinion yet. :)

SooneCon forwarded a link from of an article that says starting in July all Star Trek episodes of all series will be available from NetFlix. (DS9 has a later release date of October.) Sweet news!

Donate and help to reality an AT-AT for America. No, you read right. Peeps are getting together to try to make a fully functioning AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back. Wonderful weirdness! My inner geek is giggling like mad! Hee hee hee!

Electric44 via Ziteapp shared an article and video about T3 Motion's revelation of an electric vehicle prototype. Very stylish interior!

For those of you who watch ABC's show Castle, you might recall he mentioned having a website. Well, he does for reals! And actually has FAQ's and writing advice. Check it out!

Barbara Hambly finally has a WEBSITE! Woot! She's had a Live Journal account for a long time, but she finally has an actual website! Yay!

Author Platform/Social Media

Leyl Master Black has a list of the Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes. Shared by Collen Lindsay and GoldBugGroup.

Chuck Wendig had guest bloggers last week. Here is Karina Cooper's post - How Not To Be A Dickface As A Writer. (NSFW) Great points in this one.

Here's a taste:

"May I have your attention, please? Hi. My name is Karina Cooper. I am a writer. Are you all paying attention? Yes? Good. Ready?
"Charlie Sheen.
"You know that thing you just did? That tic? That, right there, is why you want to hear me." (Continued at blog)

Pam Moore tells us Social Media: A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action.
Here's a Taste:
"Listen up folks! It’s time for conversations, relationships, Twitter chats, and Facebook parties. Social media is one big relationship! You must tweet, post, like and talk all day. As long as you’re talkin’ you’re being social. Since you’re so social, you’ll do great in social media as long as you keep making friends, chattin’ and raising your Klout score doing such." (Cont...)

Pumpyourbook shared a blog post from John Ames over at Beyond the Books Blog where he explains in detail How to Create A Facebook Welcome Page. (I have one, but need to make others.) This is a nice step by step walk through, even if you have minimal tech savvy. Quite nice.

Fondalo shared a post over at Bundle Post by Robert M Caruso on Mind Your Content - Social Media Sharing Opportunities That Fail.
Here's a Taste:
"As a Social Media guy, I am constantly posting, connecting, engaging and building relationships online. For those of you that know me at all, you know a large part of that for me is helping others. A component of that is showing #Gratitude to others in various ways. Thanking, retweeting and sharing other peoples content are a few of the ways I do that. But some of you unintentionally make that extremely difficult for me. If you make it tough for me to help you, then you are making it tough for others as well." (Cont...)

MKelly007 wrote a post about 11 Rules of Social Media. Basically she tells us to be friendly, be nice! Both of which are great rules to live by!
Here's a Taste:
"Since social media is, well, a social medium, it’s important that users understand the proper ways to behave online. No, just because you’re behind a computer monitor in your mom’s basement doesn’t mean all social etiquette goes out the window. It’s quite the opposite—following proper social media etiquette is a key to being successful online (and to making sure you don’t make a complete idiot out of yourself.)" (Cont...)

Kristen Lamb asks - Are You a Twitter Tyrant or a Twitter Activist. The next of her Twitter Tuesday features.
Here's a Taste:
"This Week’s Fail Whale–The Twitter Tyrant.
"All of us have passions, and that is wonderful. Being passionate makes us feel alive and gives our lives purpose. But, when we are building a platform, especially in the beginning stages, we must be mindful to always express our passions in a positive way. Ranting on Twitter is never acceptable. I have had people I had to unfollow simply because every time they tweeted, I needed an antacid. Life is stressful enough without volunteering for an ulcer." (Cont...)

Peter Shankman argues that Facebook and Email are NOT Distractions But Necessities.
"My original title of this post was going to be “Disagreeing with Julia Morgenstern.” Then I figured, why give her the SEO juice? No, seriously, I figured the above title would be more beneficial to what I wanted to say today." (Cont...)

Writing Advice

KeikoMushi shared her discovery of a blog post by Savannah J Foley - Mistaken Newbie Writer Beliefs. Lots of truth here folks! WORD!
"I have been a noob. Or, as I have often seen it called, a ‘huge, flailing noob.’ Now, I’m still pretty new to the writing business in general, despite having written over six complete manuscripts, having an agent for two years, and of course being a part of this blog." (Cont...)

A Lee Martinez talks to us about Emotional Resonance, Writing, and Other Complicated Stuff - Worlds Apart.

S Blackmoore tells us to Go Ahead, Shoot the Baby on a guest blog over at Terribleminds. (Don't pull your punches! Maybe? Hee hee.)
"I’ve been watching a lot of film noir from the forties and fifties over at Noir City, the noir film festival going on this month at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, and I’ve noticed something that’s been bothering me.
"There are a lot of happy endings." (Cont...)

Nathan Bradford tells us Everyone will have a Chance but not all of them are equal! (Too true!)
"This is indeed a great time to be an author. No longer must manuscripts disappear into the drawer, never to be heard from again, lacking only a publisher's best guess. Now, no matter what people think of a book, it can be published and try and find its audience." (Cont...)

From Roni Loren - Top 5 Mistakes Writers make at Conferences (Some good points, peeps!) :P
"So, I've mentioned before that I'm a conference whore. I think part of it is that I've always loved learning. I have nerd DNA that can't be escaped. But the other part is that I have so much fun being around other writers. It's like finding your home planet after feeling like you were the only weird one all these years." (Cont...)

From Chuck Wendig (NSFW) How Not To Bug The F*** Out When Writing A Novel. Great advice as always!
"There comes a point during the writing of a novel when, in the thick of it, some 30 or 40,000 words deep, you look down and wonder, how did you get naked, exactly? Where are your clothes? Why are you covered in grass-stains, your flesh marked by thorn-scratches? Why in your hair do you smell boar’s blood and the mating fluids of forest nymphs? Time is lost in clips and stretches. You feel disconnected from your body." (Cont...)

Chuck also discussed this week - The iPad for Writers. Apps to use, how to use the iPad in general to be more productive writing, etc.

And a new category this week...


DirtyWhiteCandy shared The Dark Side of the New Age of Self-Publishing by Larry at the blog.
"On Thursday I got the email that all writers dream about. It was from a major television network, inviting me to appear on their morning talk show as part of their regular “author’s corner” segment." (Cont...)

Victoria Strauss from Writer Beware wrote a blog post entitled Atlanta Nights The Movie: From Hoax to Film. Quite enlightening and shows how truly weird life is.

Okay, that's it for this week. Let me know if you like the "taste" segments or not.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 4/13/11

Pics for this week...

Our puppy, Serenity, graduated from her first training school.

As you can see, my daughter is camera paranoid. :P And those sad puppy eyes? She can turn those suckers up several more levels than here. Lady killer!

Petapixel shared A Surreal World Seen Through Puddles - really quite cool!

My evil brother thinks it's funny to send me pictures of food he's cooked that I won't get to eat. Bad Brother! :P These are all Puerto Rican dishes - arroz con salchichas (rice and veinna sauseges), beans, and mofongo (garlic and mashed plaintains). YUM!!!!!

NASA shared a majestic photo of glaciers in the "celestial mountains" of Central Asia taken by Space Station astronauts. A super awesome toboggan ride!

And I'll leave you with this bit of golden sunlight peeking through thick clouds - an omen to us that the cloud fields were dispersing. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mind Sieve 4/11/11

Another week of fun and helpful stuff!

Fan Fun

Comediva suggested we all check out PMS Adventures. Girl Superheroes where PMS is what gives them POWER! Bwahahahahaha!

George Takei shares with us his autition tape for Broadway's Spiderman! It's pretty funny. Love the Indiana Jones move at the end. Heh heh.

Freshmen, a Super Hero comic book project from Seth Green and Top Cow, is now avialable for download.

Author Platform/Social Media

PamMktNut shared a post from YourCustomer about 3 Ways Facebook Questions can help your brand. (A new doohikey tab in FB. (Now if only I could come UP with some good questions and answers. lol)

From Kristen Lamb and Twitter Tuesdays come - Use Twitter Like a Pro, Not a Bot.

CidTyer shares Twitter Pet Peeves.

Be A Shark in the Waters of Social Media - guest post by Fred Hicks over at Terribleminds. Great stuff!

Brianne Villano talks to us about The Simplification of Facebook Pages for Authors and Newbies. Good tips!

From Writer's Digest - Elements of a Sucessful Fiction Platform. I swear the work of an author is never done...

Writing Advice

Roni Loren gives us The Ten Commandments of the Successful Author. Many great points!

Character Development from Rosemary Clement-Moore.

Karen Dionne tells us that For Career Authors, Staying Published is the Real Challenge.

How Dungeons and Dragons can help us be great novelists! (All genres!) By Kristen Lamb. (As long as you don't try to publish your D&D adventure.) :P

The Writer Who Is Also A Parent - Advice on time and life and more! From Chuck Wendig.

Jami Gold asks Can Karma Help You Become a Better Writer?

Enjoy, ya'll!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Movie Review - Hanna


Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Barden, Olivia Williams, Aldo Maland and more...

Directed by: Joe Wright  Screenplay by: Seth Lochhead and David Farr Story by: Seth Lochhead Music by: The Chemical Brothers

Premise: Hanna has been raised for only one purpose - to kill the woman who is responsible for her mother's death. Things, however, don't go as planned, and Hanna becomes the hunted instead of the hunter.

Review: The commercials gave alot away. The premise is simple, so to be honest, there wasn't much to give away. However, the execution of the simple premise goes pretty well.

At first we get to live like Hanna lives - the training, living off the land, education. Then when she gets out in the world it's a lot of fun to see her soak life in and meet civilization head on. Just when she thinks she has it all in hand, she realizes she's out of her element and not always dealing too well. Some well thought out moments. Others were quite funny! Her time with the traveling family was the best of the film.

Action wise, not shabby at all. Some very well coordianted fight scenes. Be prepared for several flashbacks, one which unecessarilly decided to go shaky cam. Luckily the shaky cam action used here and there never lasts for more than a minute or two, so it's not hard to sit through.

Some gorgeous panoramic shots. Though on one of them they got a little carried away with the panning. There are also several foreign locations that gave it some definite flavor. Even better, it was street life, rather than the usual dolled up city blocks we normally get.There are also some very artful type shots, most quite enjoyable.

The one major notpick would be Hanna's time in the dessert. Having been raised way way up north, she wouldn't have had exposure to such a climate. And with her super light skin. Can you say crispy criter in just a few hours? OUCH!

Saoirse Ronan does a great job.  Cate Blanchett definitely comes across as one evil person. Tom Hollander was totally creepy and disturbing though he didn't do much directly. But his walk, his talk, his whistling - ugh. Nicely done. Jessica Barden and her on screen brother, Aldo Maland added a lot to the film - good job guys!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Hubby is out of town so no rating from him this time. The kids liked it.)



Zumaya Publications Free e-book Promotion!

One of my publishers, Zumaya Publications, is doing a free e-book promotion on two releases from Noon EDT 4/8/11 through Midnight EDT 4/10/11.

The promotion will be for:

Carole Waterhouse's The Tapestry Baby (Romance)


Mark Roberts's Unforced Error (SF/Fantasy)


Here are the links to the free downloads:

Tapestry Baby PDF

Tapestry Baby EPUB

Tapestry Baby MOBI

Unforced Error PDF

Unforced Error EPUB

Unforced Error MOBI

So enjoy these freebies from Zumaya Publications!

Happy reading!




Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 4/6/11

This might be a little of a whirlwind. Got more pics than usual (not that I am putting them all here, so you're safe) and am running behind (as usual) so I'm slapping these on quick! :P

Loved the embossing on this building. It was too cool and you just don't see that type of thing often. This ended up being for a Korean restaurant called The Chicken House. Tried it on a whim and it was so GOOD! Everything was Super FRESH! We left there stuffed to the gills. :P

Aha! Agent P (aka Perry the Platipus) was on a mission during AggieCon! Hope Dr Doofenschmirtz was stopped in time! Hee!

The Wisteria at the Hilton in College Station blew me away! Our monster plant is a wisteria but it never blooms like this.

And this is the main plant/vine all those flowers came from. One plant! It's mind boggling.

And here is the thick layer/field of clouds that graced my view on the way to AggieCon. Within a couple of minutes it was gone! So my timing was perfect. :P

I think that's it for this time. Enjoy!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mind Sieve 4/4/11

Got a ton of stuff to share with you this week. (Some of it was from last week's overflow!) Doh!

Fan Fun

Candace Havens shared a link to the preview of the Three Musketeers in 3D! Lots of familiar faces too! Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom, Matthew Macfayden, Ray Stevenson, and Christoph Waltz as Cardinal Richelieu.

Vcinemashow is asking peeps to join them in Facebook to show your love of Asian Films.

SoonerCon shared the new trailers for Sega's video game adaptations of this summer's "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger"

Dr Who has a cool 10 minute adventure online. Link curtesy of TopsyRT - Doctor Who: Amy Flirts With Amy? It's too darn funny! A great time loop piece.

SonnerCon shares The theme to the Original Star Trek as played on a...SAW~! (Watch the people's faces. They'll crack you up!)

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan's Eden Hotel has a $50-per 3-hour suite devoted to Batman. (Also shared by SoonerCon. I am sensing a pattern here. :P)

Dollhouse returns in comic book form this week with the brand new story "Dollhouse: Epitaphs" from Dark Horse. (News from MoTacharoen)

Author Platform/Social Media

From inkyelbows comes an updated list of Twitter for Writers. From the basics on up! (Looks super comprehensive!)

Kristen Lamb shows us how to - Go Hard or Go Home--Blogging & Branding. Tag like gang bangers. Own ur digital turf(As I was reading it I realize that though my blog had my name, I wasn't using my tag line! Now we're in business. Bwahahaha!)

YAFantasyGuide told us of Special Invite: Promote your books w/ character profiles.

SFWA posted a link to - How Not to Market Your Book. An actual sample (with the names filed off) of a letter received by Victoria Strauss.

Yes, there is a way to launch a FB fan page and not need therapy from Kristen Lamb. More eye opening wisdom!

How writers can use twitter to help SAVE TIME - by Kristen Lamb.

And cause she's on a roll - You know what you need? More Blogging Cowbell!

From PimpYourNovel we have Getting Your Name Out There. (I so totally agree about going to conventions!)

Writing Advice

Chuck Wendig brings - "Beware Of Writer II: Revenge Of The Teenage Penmonkey From Mars." Insights into a writer's mind! (NSFW)

Kristen Lamb talks about Antagonists.

Trusting Your Muse! Good post by Gigi Salem.

A slice of a writer's life. Stress less. Good advice by Writer Wellness maven JoyHeld. Shared by Kristen Lamb. Now I just need to find the time!

And that's it for this week folks! Enjoy!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Movie Review - Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Staring: Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino, Oscar Issac, Jon Hamm, Scott Glenn, and more...

Directed by: Zack Snyder  Story by: Zack Snyder Screenplay by: Zack Snyder & Steve Shibuya Original Music by: Tyler Bates & Marius De Vries

Premise: This is a story of angels, angels that come to help you in different ways and wearing different forms, whether you want them to or not. A chance encounter at a mental institution sets of a series of events in multiple realities all aiming at one thing - gaining freedom.

Review: I'd heard good and bad things about this film so I went to see it with some misgivings. However, I ended up being given quite a tasty treat. But I can see how some things could be missed, which would take away from the full experience, so pay close attention. :P

Through the film, keep in mind what the female voice tells you at the beginning of the film. Here are the seeds of all that will follow. Also pay particular attention to the girl on the bed in the theater. The connection that happens there between her and the new comer is pivotal to everything else.

The plot appears simple and just as stated on the previews - find five objects and you will be set free.  Four of the five are shown to us right away. What makes this simple goal interesting is the spread out/connecting effect it has on others over time.  Especially at the end, more than those originally involved were affected and in their own way set free - a few never knowing until that point that they'd been prisoners.

The visuals are fantastic! Totally loved the saying of "the world is a stage" and having it taken to broader lengths, even involving the opening of the film in how they show the Warner Brother's logo. The fights are good, the shaky cam on some of the fight scenes not used long enough to give any trouble. Lots of cool shots. Especially loved the dream worlds - mixing some contemporary and future items with things you'd not normally see, like giant samurai, dragons and goblins, the trenches of WWI manned with mechanized enemies, derigibles, mecha, a total mixture of stuff. Totally loved the face off in the temple grounds, with the fog, the mountains, a grand, breathtaking vista! The shell of the church in the WWI sequence looked just like actual shells of catholic churches you've seen in other films/documentaries. The grand vista of a ringed world dominating the sky of the planet they were on. Tons of stunning visuals.

My son-in-law said he had troubles with the sections switching from reality to reality, but I didn't. They give a lot of cues if you look for them. Normally a pan view of Baby Doll's head and a change in the overall background color. Watch for those cues and you shouldn't get lost. (Plus the original reality is so drab, you won't mistake it!)

For the guys, lots of mini skirts, girls with swords and guns! Explosions, mayhem, mecha! And make sure to watch the end credits as you get a song and dance number with all the girls dressed up as well.

One point I found quite funny was that for the 3rd tier of reality, we're told the enemy are already dead just reanimated with technology and later are robots, so mass destruction can ensue and no deaths caused. This is despite the fact that in layer 2/layer 1 death actually happens. I suppose it just shows the depth of disassociation they all were running through.

Overall, it was a nice ride with lots of pretty things to look at for all viewers. And make sure to listen closely at the end, so you know someone who may seems like he got away with something will also be getting his comeuppance.

Rating: 4 out of 5 cause I liked the subtle twist.  (Hubby Rating - Better as a Matinee)

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