Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ladies of Trade Town Anthology Release and Party!

Coming in June 2011 From HarpHaven Publishing


Cover Art and Design by Melanie Fletcher

An anthology of original science fiction, fantasy, and related genre short fiction on the world’s oldest profession

Gala Book Launch at A-Kon 22.

Thanks to the good folks at A-Kon, The Ladies of Trade Town will celebrate its official debut in high style.. Among the festivities being hosted by the convention, and featuring as many of the contributors as we can gather together, are:

A "Meet The Ladies & Gentlemen Of Trade Town" Panel

A Mass Autographing Event

The Ladies Of Trade Town Launch Party

A-Kon 22 will take place June 10 - 12, 2011 at the Sheraton Dallas (formerly the Adams Mark) in downtown Dallas. All Book Launch events are scheduled for Saturday, June 12, with the panel and mass autographing on Saturday afternoon (time and location to be announced), and the Launch Party scheduled for 7:00 pm in function space on the 38th floor of the Sheraton. Further details as we have them.

Trade Town Table of Contents Announced

"Introduction" by Elizabeth Moon

"Call Me Madam" (Editor's Introduction) by Lee Martindale

"The Ballad of Eskimo Nell Revisted Or John Henry Was A Piston-Driving Man" by Jim Reader

"First Fruits" by Merlyn Finn

"Dreams of Blood and Milk" by Mary A. Turzillo

"What A Man Wants" by Cecilia Tan

"A Touch of Ginger" by Melanie Fletcher

"The Queen of Knaves" by Tracy S. Morrist

"In The House of Allures" by Rob Chilson

"Silk and Steam" by Brandie Tarvin

"Art" by Gloria Oliver (Bwahahaha)

"Do Unto Others" by Rebecca McFarland Kyle

"Duty Free" by Mark W. Tiedemann

"At Mother Laurie's House of Bliss" by Catherine Lundoff

"The Lady of Trade Town" by Lee Martindale

"The Last Virgin" by Jana Oliver

"The Oldest Profession?" by Melinda LaFevers


  1. Your words in same book as those of Elizabeth Moon? Very Big Congrats!

  2. Oh yeah, I'll definitely take it. Elizabeth Moon is super nice!


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