Monday, February 07, 2011

Mind Sieve 2/7/11

Got stuck at home almost all of last week due to unheard of amounts of snow and ice in Dallas! Just when the ice was going away, icy snow took it's place. It's been INSANE! (Probably because two north football teams were playing in the Superbowl here. They brought it with them! *gasp* At least they felt at home?)

So this let me try to catch up some on writer matters a little, so this week's showing will hopefully be better than last week's. :P


Shared by @yabookscentral - Win your Dream Gown - ($300 gift card) open for 13+ and is international!

Shared by @LucienneDiver - Win a Kindle or Nook for Valentine's.

From @DeidreKnight - Win an iPOD Nano from On The Hunt


From @DFWCon - DFW Writer's Conference - why and how it came to be!

Fan Fun

Shared by @crispintreeman - Gigantor as a prop to sell wireless laptop connections. So COOL!


Shared by @NAME - 3rd Birthday - new game for Parasite Eve has Agent Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) doing some of the voices. YES!


Shared by ME! - New Broad Universe podcast - topic is Faith and Fear (readings and more)

Several of my friends are also doing podcasts. I've linked to WanderRadio before, and this time out I figured I'd point you in the direction of two more. Melanie and Jerry are both funny, very likable people, and nutty, too! heh heh (There are NOT safe for work and can get explicit! You've been warned.) The first podcast center is called ""Don't Quit Your Day Job". Currently up is Episode 127 - where Melanie lisps through her Invisaligns, Patrick discusses his past in the porn industry, Jerry explains MediaFly to us all, and Stacy...well, Cthulhu knows where she is. (I was told the podcasts are really supposed to be about writing but.. lol)EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING

The second one is called "Slow Death in the Afternoon" and Episode 5 is up for consumption. Their tag line is "Join Dan and Jerry as they follow the Absinthe Muse into places they shouldn't really go. Ever." He tells me it is a niche market for absinthe enthusiasts. (Who knew?) EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING

Though I have "In the Service of Samurai" serialized as a podcast over at, I personally haven't jumped into the wagon yet. One of these days I will be able clone myself and enjoy and do so much more than I can now. Right? RIGHT?! lol


Shared by @emoontx - The search for Earth 2.0

Writing Advice

From MorganMandel - Throw Editing questions at Editors on Mondays

From @ChuckWendig - What makes a good story?

From @ChuckWendig - Self-publishing reality check!

Shared by Kathy Sullivan - Money flow for Traditional and Indie Pubs

From Kathy Sullivan - Libraries and Research

That's it for last week. Enjoy!

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