Monday, February 14, 2011

Mind Sieve 2/14/11

Welcome to another week of awesome links to great posts by all sorts of awesome peeps! Enjoy!

Fan Fun

Shared by @Doallas - Jules Verne - links to loads of things Jules Verne in different mediums!

Shared by @DelReySpectra - Star Wars home crafts ideas. Some of these are ADORABLE!

From @NathanFillion - That's right. Because you wanted it, you DEMANDED it, I'm now the Green Lantern. (Whoot! So cool!)

Free Reads

From Jerry Davis, a free piece of Flash Fiction called Cacophony Now! Anyone from Fort Worth, Texas will totally relate. Heh heh.

Writing Advice

Shared by @ColleenLindsay - How to get Published! Nice, quick breakdown for fiction and non-fiction with extra resource links!

From @MCalvani - Writing Goals for those with families.

Shared by @ChuckWendig - Marketing as story telling. (Nice and insightful post.)

Shared by @ChuckWendig - Beware self proclaimed 'experts' on the Internet. (Good food for thought, peeps!)

From @KristenLambTX - Taking Risks in publishing - Don't Eat the Butt.

Shared by @KristenLambTX - Publishing isn't for Sissies - Embracing the Obvious.

From @KristenLambTX - Twitter tips #4.

Just in for Valentines!

From @ChuckWendig - Video Games Super Team - lovely post about games, marriage, and significant others. Adorable!

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  1. Thanks for the click through to my "Publishing Isn't For Sissies: Embracing the Obvious" blog post.

    I did want to ask that you correct the above mistake, however, crediting Kristen Lamb with the article. She retweets a lot of writing instructers. Please double-check your sources when you mention what you think is her material.

    Thanks again for the interest in my Thursday PIFS posts.

    Anna DeStefano


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