Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 1/26/11

Some awesome sunrise and sunsets this past week. And a couple of oddball pics. Plus more stuff shared by others.

From @NASA - Hubble shows two dramatically different views of "the Whirlpool Galaxy" - definetly gorgeous!

At the anime store a week or more ago, I can across the weirdest bottles ever! Evangelion has gone to yet another level.

I was afraid to ask if they were selling well. :P

From @NASA - Chandra views "starburst" galaxy M82, with stars forming at much higher rates than a normal galaxy

Baby blue and pink was the name of the game on this day!

Shared by @marthawells1 - Amazing Works of Art - talk about inventing new ways to make art. WOW

And for fun!
Shared by @torbooks - Map of the Star Wars Universe!

Let me leave you with one last sky shot. :) Look at those colors!

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