Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 1/12/11

As threatened, here is the first of my picture blogs. Heh heh. Some I took others are links to awesome pics shared through different means I thought you might enjoy.

Took this one on the way home from work. The colors are amazing!

This is from earlier in the year. One of our rose buds. The wind was not letting the camera or flower cooperate.

Yes, I have some ways to go before doing good pics on the phone. lol. Work in progress.

From @petapixel - First Solar Eclipse of 2011 - some truly awesome pics!

Cloud Tsunami! Texas is flat so when we get a cloud bank like this, it's really a little scary looking! :) (That is not a mountain range or hill, that gray background is all cloud!)

From @starwars - Rare backstage photo of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher

Fiery sunset...

From @JerryJDavis - Nice joke for a cold picture

This is a picture of some of the most fabulous bread EVER! It's called White Chocolate Orange Royale. It's sweet and super yummy! Found it at Whole Foods.

Looks at the trees on this one. Those are not leaves, they're mostly birds! Like something out of the old Hitchcock movie. Hee!

And last but definitely not least...

From @Nasa comes the Andromeda Galaxy from Nasa's Image of the Day. (Totally Awesome!)


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